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Hi I'm Alessia,

I am an Image Consultant, but first of all a woman like you who has always wanted to feel good about herself and her body.

I have always used clothes as a form of expression of my personality, I am very emotional and this transpires in all my outfits, but initially I was not aware of how much my image could affect the world around me and above all on myself.

My story

Before taking up this profession I was a girl based on scientific studies of Biotechnology, a field that has always fascinated me, discovering how every single cell and part of our body works and all the mechanisms behind it enchanted me, but it was not enough.


Over time I realized that only the most technical and scientific part was not enough, an element was missing that is often forgotten or underestimated.


Over the years I have seen Mind and Body treated as two different entities as if our personality and emotionality did not affect our physical health.


The truth is that to feel good about yourself, you need both physical and mental health at 360 °.


For this I have created the Detail B.




A method that helps women and girls to rediscover who they are or who they would like to be.


What are their goals in personal and professional life, what are their difficulties, their fears and their limitations so that they can face and overcome them.


It is to all intents and purposes a path of personal growth, of coaching in which to learn to know yourself and to convey who you are.

What does the image have to do with all this?

The image is the tip of the iceberg that everyone can see, it is your business card, it expresses who you are and what you have inside.

Making conscious choices in valuing it will help you express your personality, increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.


But to do it, the FIRST STEP is to know you, love you and esteem you ,

the SECOND STEP will be Working on Morphological and Aesthetic Awareness .

Where are you?

At Step One, Step Two or do you still have to consolidate the first step?

Dett.B is here for that!



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