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The Detail B.

The Dett.B Method is a way of approaching Image Consulting totally different from the others , which I have personally studied and built by combining the skills of Stylist and Coaching so as to be able to create a 360 ° path for the well-being of the Woman.


It is a path of personal growth aimed at solving and facing the limits , difficulties and changes that every woman and girl can face or encounter in her life.


In our society more and more women and girls do not have a good relationship with themselves and the reasons are many and different from each other.

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Women and girls who can't look in the mirror,  New mothers who have had physical changes due to pregnancy that they do not recognize, Moms who cannot find time for themselves and do not know how to do it.

Girls and Women who cannot find harmony and peace with their bodies,

Girls and women who constantly experience negative feelings of insecurity, inadequacy in their lives and do not know how to deal with them or even where they come from.

Women and Girls who want to change their lives professionally or privately but don't know how or where to start.

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Detail B. born to support , help and accompany all girls and women who want to take their life in hand and finally feel good about themselves.

All this is possible thanks to a concrete action plan that we will create together, and to understand how to make conscious and not random choices.


THE IMAGE it will be the element that will allow you to express yourself, increasing your self-esteem, trust, love and self-confidence.

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Hi, I'm Alessia,


I am a Coach - Image Consultant, but first of all a girl who has always expressed herself through clothing.

Initially without understanding the importance and the reason, until I decided to deepen.

Thanks to training at the ESR Italia academy, one of the most important and authoritative academies in Italy that qualifies for the profession of Image Consultant, I discovered the beautiful world that lies behind the image, deeper and more complex than it is. thinks.


Hence my goal of helping every woman and girl to feel good about herself.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Per avere un'immagine che ti rispecchi devi prima di tutto conoscerti e stare bene con te
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My Blog

You will find advice, tips, information on Armocromia , Body Shape , Style , Make- up , and much more on the world of Image Consulting.

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  • Are you a psychologist?
    No! I am an Image Consultant who uses Coaching tools to help women and girls increase their self-esteem and self-confidence and achieve their goals.
  • What is the Detail B Method?
    The Detail B Method is a method I devised myself with the aim of joining the image to what we have inside. Our image communicates our emotions, our personality and what we feel in that precise moment. Making conscious choices and understanding what you feel allows you to increase your self-knowledge and consequently your self-confidence, love and esteem.
  • What is Free Consultation?
    Not sure whether to take a Consultation? Is it really worth it? Wondering what services they do for you? Is it worth it? Find out in the Free Consultation! A 30-minute video call in which you will be able to ask me questions and resolve all your doubts and curiosities about the world of image consulting and various services.
  • What is the Personalized Book?
    The Personalized Book is a document that I will release to you for each service performed together in which you will find the Analysis, Outfit proposals, Tips, Tips and Techniques that we will see together to enhance you and achieve your image goals. The Book aims to give you the opportunity to absorb the journey made together with your timing, take a look at it whenever you feel the need and make you feel more confident in your choices and purchases.
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